A number of non-fiction books edited and compiled by Patrick J Gallagher are available through Amazon.


They cover a variety of unusual topics, presented via the original newspaper accounts of the time. Included are titles on the Loch Ness Monster, poltergeists, and a little-known serial killer who was at work in 19th Century London at the same time as the infamous Jack the Ripper.



Still in the early stages of development, there's currently only one available podcast title.


HAK - Pod Squad Australia is devoted to the murder mystery subscription game Hunt A Killer. Each episode Pat, Silvana and Anna (and the occasional guest) discuss theories surrounding that month's subscription package. To fill in the time between the monthly packages, they'll also discuss various real-life unsolved murders from the past.



The Nerd Gamers Australia YouTube channel covers reviews and unboxings of various board games.


Join PapaNerd, Dogbox, Sarah, Gobbo and the rest of the Nerds for your board game review fix.



As a hobby photographer, I like to try to capture out-of-the-way or forgotten places around the country.


My involvement with local theatre also means I occassionally get called on to take promotional photos for various theatrical productions.