“DARK SOULS” – Day Two (8/07/2007)

Cast on set: David Cannell (Bishop), Soren Jenson (Danso)

Crew: Pat Gallagher (Director/DoP), Christian Doran (Grip), Hana Tow (Script/PA), Linda Thomson (Makeup), James Townley (Behind the Scenes Footage)

I went round to a work colleague’s home to get some work done on the knives we’ll be using in the film. Danso, the villain, bumps off a couple of people in the film with a hunting knife, and we needed to be able to show those people with the knife sticking out of them.

So I bought an identical pair of cheap but wicked-looking hunting knives on Ebay. We cut one of them down and welded it to a plate that could be strapped onto the actors. We also removed the edges from the knives, and from a dagger to be used in the final scene, making them safer to handle.

There’s a short video of the work being done on the knives here.


Scene 54 involved the character of Bishop, Carrie’s boss, being abducted from his home by Danso. It’s one of the few scene/location combinations that doesn’t involve Carrie, so we were able to get something done despite Leah’s unavailability this weekend.

Mainly for the purpose of simplicity, I decided to shoot the scene at my place. The layout is somewhat different there from what I had in mind, but I was able to adapt the shotlist/storyboards to the new location quite easily.

This time around we had a Makeup person, but no dedicated soundie. Since the dialogue in the scene is entirely Bishop talking on the phone, I decided to just radio mic him straight into the camera and monitor the audio myself. This might not have been the most desirable way of doing it, but I think it worked okay.

The lighting was done with 3 redheads and 2 dedos, at one point switching from one setup to the next in-shot to simulate the power being cut.

Overall, the night ran smoothly, starting at 6pm and wrapping at 9:30pm.

The only real hitch was the final shot of the night, a floor level shot of Bishop’s mobile phone dropping to the floor, as you see his feet being dragged away. I wanted the phone to land so that the lit display was visible. Not too hard a prospect, you’d think. But in the end it took 24 takes to get it right.

Hopefully that’ll stand as the record for most takes on any one shot for the rest of the film.

You can see a short Behind The Scenes video of the shoot here.

Leah goes into production of a stage play of Pride & Prejudice in a couple of weeks, so her timetable is pretty tight. I’m hoping we’ll be able to squeeze in a bundle of scenes that take place in Carrie’s Apartment next weekend.

Cheers for now.