SHOOTING REPORT - Days Six & Seven

“DARK SOULS” – Day Six (25/08/2007)

Cast On Set: Leah Baulch (Carrie), Andrea Close (Dr Alvera), Soren Jenson (Danso)

Crew: Pat Gallagher (Director/DoP), Ric Manley (Location Audio), Dallas Bland (Grip), Clare Martin (Script/PA)

The first day of shooting at Clare and Marissa’s house, a beautiful old 1920’s house in Queanbeyan. We’ll primarily be using it for the final scenes, shooting in November. But Marissa volunteered her office at the back of the house to use as the office of Dr Alvera, Carrie’s psychiatrist.

We had several scenes to shoot there, getting all of Andrea’s scenes out of the way in one day.

The day was pretty straightforward for the most part. Lighting was once again justified by lamps which were already in the room, a similar setup to last week.

Also similar to last week was the presence of  an external noise problem.

Chickens. Again.

Turns out Clare and Marissa’s neighbours keep chickens, and the coop is just outside the office window. This time they weren’t as settled, and resulted in a few stuffed takes due to background clucking.

The daytime shoot involved Leah and Andrea. After dinner, Leah was allowed to go, and Soren arrived to shoot Dr Alvera’s death scene.

Luckily this just required us to see Danso’s hands, as Soren had buggered his knee the week before and was limping badly. This wasn’t too much of a drama for us, as we wouldn’t see him walking, but he was due to perform as Franz Liebkin, the crazy nazi, in a local production of The Producers which opens next week. Hopefully it’ll heal sufficiently before then.

I’d scheduled until 10:00pm for the day, and we were wrapped before 9:30, so we did well.


DARK SOULS – Day Seven (26/08/2007)

Cast On Set: Leah Baulch (Carrie), Will Huang (Eric)

Crew: Pat Gallagher (Director/DoP), Ric Manley (Location Audio), Joe Kisch (Grip), Clare Martin (Script/PA), Dallas Bland (Stills)

Back at Clare and Marissa’s, but outside this time. We would just be covering a couple of short scenes, one where Carrie first arrives at the house, and another between Carrie and Eric.

The main thing of interest for this shooting day was that it would be the first time to have a real run of the new 12-foot jib that I bought using the prize money won by my short film “Love, War & Auditions” in the SnowyFest Film Festival. A low-budget Ebay contraption.

We did three different shots with the jib. It worked pretty well, but could be a little wobbly if we weren’t careful. Good value for the price, though.

The chickens were out the back, and we were out the front, so no clucking issues this time, although traffic caused a few bad takes.

A quick and efficient day, we finished about half an hour ahead of schedule.