“DARK SOULS” – Day Nine (16/09/2007)

Cast On Set: Leah Baulch (Carrie), David Cannell (Bishop), Dallas Bland (Colbeck), Will Huang (Eric)

Crew: Pat Gallagher (Director/DoP), Michael Bahas (Location Audio), Christian Doran (Key Grip), Georgia Pike (Script/PA), Linda Thomson (Makeup)

We had four short scenes to shoot today, set in a bookshop, which was written in the script as Carrie’s workplace.

Electric Shadows Bookshop, here in Canberra, came to the party in allowing us to shoot in the store. They were the first place I tried, as the store specialises in books on filmmaking, theatre and the other arts, so I figured they’d be the most sympathetic to our cause.

An additional advantage was that Georgia, who’s playing Maggie in the film, works at Electric Shadows part time, so she was able to be our “minder” on behalf of the store, as well as covering the position of PA for the day.

The only drawback was that they’re open seven days a week. However, on Sundays they don’t open until 11:00am, so I figured if we started shooting at 7:00am we could be done and clear of the location just after 10:30. It would mean we’d have to move fast, though.

But what else is new.

Since the store has large glass windows along the front which let in plenty of light, I only brought in the two Dedo lights to fill in where needed. This helped speed things up a lot.

In fact the day was fairly unremarkable in that we once again finished within the designated time with everything shot.

Some frame grabs and behind-the-scenes stills can be seen here.

We’re now just short of the halfway mark, and will be well past it after the next weekend of shooting.