SHOOTING REPORT - Days Six & Seven

“DARK SOULS” – Days Ten  & 11 (29/09/2007 – 30/09/2007)

Cast On Set: Leah Baulch (Carrie), Dallas Bland (Colbeck), Clare Martin (Julia), Lara Jurkiewicz (Officer Waite), Soren Jenson (Danso)

Crew: Pat Gallagher (Director/DoP), Ric Manley (Location Audio), Christian Doran (Key Grip), Georgia Pike (Script/PA), Ben Wade (Script/PA), Linda Thomson (Makeup)

Back at the same address as where we shot the “Eric’s Room” scenes a while back, except now we’re in the main house, rather than the granny flat out the back.

This location is for the interiors of the Safe House in which Carrie and Julia are placed by the police after Maggie’s abduction. Of course, the “safe house” doesn’t turn out to be all that safe.

There are a few short exterior scenes based around the safe house as well, but since that needs to be in a more isolated location, we’ll be using an entirely different house for the exteriors at a later date.

A lot of the action takes place in near-darkness, so lighting was fairly minimal, but still had its challenges. One scene required the room to be lit primarily by a television displaying static. To achieve this, we removed the silver part of a 5-in-1 flexifill from its frame and waved the silver material gently in front of a Dedolight. This gave a quite satisfactory look of a subtle constantly moving light.

For parts of the action where the light is supposed to come from a mobile phone display, I used a couple of small fluorescent lights held just out of shot.

Probably the most fun part of the shoot was setting up for the scene in which Officer Waite is taken down by Danso, with the aid of a thrown hunting knife. I’d earlier purchased a couple of identical hunting knives and had had one cut down and welded to a metal plate. This was then attached to Lara’s chest using surgical adhesive tape, and the end result was gruesomely convincing.

Another part of the scene required Julia to give Danso a belting with a frying pan. For the first take, where Danso is struck on the shoulder, Soren instructed Clare to “just go for it, really hit me”. So she did.

Soren actually took it well, with no damage to himself. The frypan, however, was another matter, with the handle now being extremely loose. So for subsequent takes we had to fake the hit.

The shoot at this location was spread over two days, but since it all took place at night, filming didn’t commence until 6pm, finishing just before midnight on both nights.

Some frame grabs and stills from the shoot can be seen here.