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January 24, 2007 - The First Post

The cast and crew of "Love, War & Auditions"

First post in a blog. Everyone else seems to have one, so I figured I might as well give it a try.

Currently working on the post-Tropfest rejection syndrome. I was extremely happy with the way "Love, War & Auditions" came out, but it obviously wasn't a "Tropfest film".

So, in response I've sent it out to another five festivals.

Also still in planning for my low budget feature "Dark Souls". Hoping to shoot sometime around April. Most of the cast is in place, and the script just needs a slight polish. Biggest problem at the moment is locations. Mostly suburban houses. I'm looking at getting someone to take on the role of Production Manager on this one, to make my life a little easier.

2007-01-25 04:03:26 GMT
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