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January 30, 2007 - L,W & A DVDs Done

The cover of the "Love, War & Auditions" DVD


Finished the cast and crew distributable DVD of "Love, War & Auditions". Still trying to find a venue where we can have a screening along with the films by the Missing Bits guys. The couple of places we've enquired about so far have proven to be prohibitively expensive, which is money I'd rather be putting towards getting "Dark Souls" happening.

Speaking of which, I'm starting on a script polish. It currently runs 85 pages, and I think I may lose about a page in the rewrite. That brings it in at just barely an acceptable feature length (figuring 1 minute per page), but I'd rather that than trying to pad things out.

The theme for this year's "Lights, Canberra, Action!" competition has been announced. "Canberra's best-kept secrets".  I think the idea I've been working on can fit into that theme. First draft of the script is done, but no title as of yet.


2007-01-31 05:26:06 GMT
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