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May 10, 2007


Well, over a month since the last entry. However, I haven't been totally slack in the interim.

Still plugging away at pre-production on "Dark Souls". The scene breakdowns are done, listing the required cast, props, etc, etc for each scene. I've also started shotlisting and storyboarding the first couple of scenes we plan to shoot.

A slight change there over what I'd initially planned to shoot first. Most likely we'll be shooting a couple of exteriors that take place in a park (looking at Glebe Park for the location). This is mainly to take advantage of having some colour on the trees before they become completely bare. Also it gets the major outdoor stuff done before it turns too cold.

In the much nearer future, I'm hoping to organise most of the locations, as well as get a script-readthrough happening before the camera rolls. There are also a handful of roles that still need to be cast.

Oh, and I also bashed out the first draft of my Tropfest 2008 script. It's called "The 8th Man".



2007-05-11 03:02:02 GMT
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